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BERNINA Club is a monthly class designed to help you increase your skills with your BERNINA machine and available accessories.  Because of the nature of this class, it is only available to owners of BERNINA machines.  Consider these classes to be an addition to your Machine Mastery and BERNINA Webinars.  In 2017, we are continuing with the "getting back to basics" and we continue to focus on the special accessories that the BERNINA machines have available.  All of the classes will be 3D classes, meaning there will not be any "flat" projects (like wall hangings or quilts) but will focus on making things like purses, wallets, pillows, tote bags, etc.  The techniques we will be covering include: zippers, buttonholes, piping, pintucking, couching and so on.  All of the things that quilters don't normally sew.  I think it will be a great learning experience.

Fabric Scandinavian Heart                                                           $10

February 4th ~ 10-12 PM
This project is from Bernina’s blog “We All Sew” and I thought it was a cute project.  It also uses a few techniques that quilters don’t work on every day, such as turning tubes.  You also get to add a few decorative stitches which is always fun.
Supplies ~ Sewing machine, presser feet ~ edgestitch foot (#10/#10C/#10D), reverse pattern foot (#1/#1C/#1D), open toe applique foot (#20/#20C), 1/4 yard of both red and white cotton fabric, 8” cord, matching thread, rotary cutter, ruler and mat, basic sewing supplies.  I will supply you with the template and small piece of interfacing.

Hand Therapy Mitts                                                                         $15 includes rice/buckwheat hulls
March 4th ~ 10-12 PM
Another project from “We All Sew” is this useful Hand Therapy Mitts.  You will love this project if you have arthritis or (like me) you just sew too much.  These mitts are so easy to make that you will want to make them for everyone.  Fill the channels in the mitt with rice and buckwheat hulls, place them in the microwave and then enjoy the warming comfort on your sore hands.

Supplies ~  Sewing machine, presser feet ~ reverse pattern foot (#1/#1C/#1D), open toe applique foot (#20/#20C), 1/3 yard of fabric for the front and back, ¼ yard fabric for the cuff, matching thread, rotary cutter, ruler and mat, basic sewing supplies.  I will supply you with the template and some buckwheat hulls and rice.

All About Zippers                                                                                $15 includes fabrics/zippers
April 1st ~ 10-12 PM
One of the things quilters are the most afraid to sew is zippers!  I really don’t know why as they are quite easy, especially with the correct presser foot.  This class is a technique class only.  I will demonstrate and you will make a sample of a variety of zippers.  The zippers I will show are the following: invisible for clothing, lapped for pillows, exposed for pockets, and exposed with tabs for purses.

Supplies - Sewing machine, presser feet~ (#37/#57) ¼” foot, (#4) zipper foot, (#35) invisible zipper, thread and basic sewing supplies.  I will provide you with the rest of the materials.